Barton Smith; FAQ

Questions you may have

Are all safe fireproof?

No, all safes are not fireproof. A safe need to have been tested, usually the minimum of 30 minutes at 500˚C. This to insure that any documents inside the safe are not destroyed.

Can I store computer discs in a safe?

Computer discs and other media need to be stored in a special media safe. Discs get damaged a t 55˚C and 85% humidity. The internal measurements of a media safe are usually ½ the size of the external due to the wall protection.

Is my house secure?

If you have a multipoint door, you may find that it is easily opened by snapping the cylinder. There are cylinders available to prevent this.

What does euro grade 0,1,2,3,4,5, mean?

Euro Grade is a European Standard for Cash Rating a Safe for insurance purposes.
Grade 0 menas the safe is insurance rated for holding cash to the value of sterling £6,000 or valuables Stg£ 60,000
Grade 1 £10,000, Grade 2 £17,500, Grade 3 £35,000, Grade 4 £60,000 and Grade 5 £100,000.

What size hole do I need to dig for an underfloor safe?

Digging a 2 foot cube hole is required for installing most underfloor safes.